Ann Story Monument


In partnership with the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center and city patronage (Rutland, VT) as well as private funders, work is now underway for a marble figure that will speak to Revolutionary War heroine Ann Story’s legacy in the area.  You can follow some of the sculpture’s progress below.

Current Press – City’s Next Sculpture Tells a Story, Rutland Herald


One likes to think that Ann would appreciate the studio environment wherein her monument takes form: trees abound and influence daily life – including providing the heat to melt and shape the clay – and trees profoundly shaped her life path.


Guidance arrives from those who care deeply about the project: here we have some help to develop the appropriate clothing for Ann.  Thank you!


The concept sketch evolved from a single figure of Ann Story to include her son Solomon, who became a Green Mountain Boy. His inclusion supports a visual representation of Ann’s legacy as the Mother of the Green Mountain Boys. Detail.


Ann was a woman of great perseverance, and one aim of the sculpture is to communicate this aspect of her character.