2015 Ornament: Five Golden Rings

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17 February 2015

The design of the fifth ornament in the Twelve Days of Christmas bas-relief ornament series is underway and you can follow the progress here. It is possible that the ‘five golden rings’ is a reference to ring-necked pheasants, and in keeping with the song’s early emphasis on birds, we are going that route.


The pheasants are rearranged in an arch format.

Many have expressed their enthusiasm for the pheasant, but some associate the bird with thrift store hunting scenes. In the year of the Three French Hens, a visit to a student’s farm revitalized that piece before the deadline, and live pheasants were located in a bid to inject this year’s work with similar good humour.

The friendly farmer warned that Death might be glimpsed in the enclosure due to the occasional visit by a hawk. The actual concern was the sight of birds lifting into flight only to fall again to the earth. And so I was very still and they gradually drew near.

Eyes - Copy

A detail of the sealed original.

PheasiesRaw - Copy

The raw casts.

Pheasants Web - Copy

The ornaments with their Antique, Verdigris, and Gold Leaf (limited edition) finishes.