2016 Ornament: Six Geese A-Laying

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

The 2016 ornaments in clay.  The Antique and Verdigris finishes have the glass “eggs” while the Pewter (Limited Edition) finish features shell “eggs” affixed with silver wire.  Hemp cord and metal fixtures for displaying.

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A perfect mould!


Sharpening time.


Halfway there: the goose looking down to the eggs will need to be shifted over and refined.  The grasses will be simplified/stylized further. Then everything will be ‘sharpened’ and popped into the mould.


The ornament at the 1/3 mark.


The initial sketch for the final design.


Glass “eggs” for the ornaments.

It’s that time again!  The morning was spent in someone’s sunflower fields (permission secured) for a last-minute Geese Observation.  You can watch the 2016 ornament process unfold here.