What do studies of the sky, a teleidoscope, and bread clips have in common? These Divine nudges are leading to new work created within a group of female sculptors.

After fourteen days of brainstorming, we gathered online to share our experiences and to begin a discussion of like themes running through our individual projects. Three more weeks of germination are ahead, during which this bozzetto will begin to be enlarged and developed. The current plan is to use it as the departure point for a ‘stained glass’ piece comprised of recycled materials.

Many months ago, the bozzetto was a quick, joyful note about the process of building trust from or in broken places: the beauty of waiting to understand another’s contribution, and the vulnerability experienced in making one’s own offerings. I feel that building trust is a process greatly attended by the Divine, the Great Recycler of any mess handed over in the right spirit, and I look forward to seeing what emerges in the clay now.