MEDIA  Sculptures are executed in clay, which can be fired or transitioned into a range of cast materials.  The main differences between these end products involve durability, material costs, and one-of-a-kind pieces vs. the production of multiples.  The scale of the work can range from miniature to monumental.  In addition to portraits of people, other subject matter is possible (animals, architecture, etc.).  Paintings are typically created in oils or acrylics.

COST  Prices for custom work vary with size, material, complexity, and quantity.  If you wish to have your finished sculpture mounted or a painting framed, these considerations can also be factored in.  A 1/3 initial deposit (non-refundable) is requested to begin work, 1/3 is due upon approval of the model or design, and the final 1/3 due at the time the piece is shipped or delivered.  Contact us for our price chart and to draw up a custom quote.

PROCEDURE  Work can be done from life as well as from photographic reference.  The initial meeting often involves choosing a pose or design and may entail photographing the subject.  Additional studio visits or correspondence provide opportunities for client feedback during the creation phase.  The work will not be sent to a kiln firing, be cast at the foundry, framed, etc. until final approval is secured.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?  The length of the process depends upon any backlog of projects, the scope and ambition of the work, and coordination with third parties (such as a foundry).