• NYPAP Award Medallion

    New York Preservation Archive Project ∙ Award Medallion (Clay model)

  • Hypnagogia

    Acrylic Painting ∙ Private Collection

  • Le Jardin Intérieur

    Gouache on Paper ∙ Private Collection

  • The Rat

    Recipient of the National Sculpture Society's 2013 Dexter Jones Award for Bas-relief ∙ Limited Edition ∙ Available 

  • Nostos

    Limited Edition ∙ Available

  • Net

    Mixed-media ∙ Private Collection

  • Untitled

    Recipient of The Gibbons Prize for New England Sculptors

  • Lost and Found

    Mixed Media Collage ∙ Collection of the Artist

  • Julia C. R. Dorr Monument

    Concept Sketch for City of Rutland, VT

  • Nest

    Acrylic ∙ Gifted to a Dear One

  • One

    Mixed media ∙ Available * This artwork was produced under the Artist-in-Residence Program at Padre Island National Seashore. *

  • Remnant

    Graphite ∙ Private Collection

  • Paul P. Harris Monument

    Plaster model by Amanda J. Sisk ∙ Marble carving and images by Evan Morse ∙ Installed in Rutland, VT

  • Wound Becomes Balm


  • Sea Thorns

    Oil on Board ∙ Private Collection

  • Paraclete

    Casein and graphite on paper ∙ Private Collection

  • From Fear to Love

    Mixed Media Collage ∙ Private Collection

  • Portrait of Gov. John Langdon

    Available (Bronze casts benefit A-I-R program at the Gov. John Langdon House)

  • Ann Story Monument

    Plaster model ∙ Marble carved by Evan Morse and Taylor Apostol

  • Refuge

    Limited Edition ∙ Available Work