• The eyes of an artist in action express much of the wonder of the human spirit. The extraordinary focus; the wide-openness that welcomes all that the senses can register; the expression in the eyes of the creative process within. I had the privilege of visiting a little with Amanda in her studio, and working under her tutelage in lots of class sessions. The intensity of her focus on my work (even my very first piece) was the same as I saw in her studio. What a gift, to bring such complete attention and engagement to her students! If you take a class with Amanda, she will be kind and supportive; she will see the best in your work. And if and when you are ready to really take advantage of what she can offer as a teacher, ask for her most critical assessment and suggestions.

      David Peart, Scientist & Student
    • I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of following Ms. Sisk’s work for more than a decade. As a student in her early twenties it was clear that she possessed a rare combination of hard work, innate talent, and a refined eye for composition. Seeing her work then as a printmaker, draftsman, and painter did not prepare me, however, for her shockingly good work as a sculptor. Her work, in whatever medium, often presents a combination of beauty, delicate technical execution, subtle humor, and deep thoughtfulness. I look forward to many more decades of her masterful, beautiful work.

      M.S. Patterson, Seattle, WA
    • I am a collector of your Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Series. I have recently given my daughter-in-law the first two for her birthday and she loved them. I plan on starting my daughter on her collection on her birthday. With the different finishes we can all have our own special ones. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

      Flo, Woodstock, VT
    • I took a summer portrait bust class with Amanda at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site and had a truly enjoyable experience. Amanda is an inspirational artist and teacher. She is easygoing and creates an environment in which students feel comfortable to experiment and make mistakes. In the classroom setting, she makes a point of making regular rounds to offer specific feedback to each student and she is thoroughly grounded, which makes her ready to assist the newest beginner or share her considerable expertise with a skillful sculptor. As someone who is new to sculpture, the most important thing that I walked away from Amanda’s class with was a desire to create more sculptures and to get better at doing it.

      John Tenney, Former Student
    • I have been an admirer and follower of Atelier Sisk since meeting [the artist] at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. She was informative, personable…and the works in progress as well as her finished pieces were exquisite.

      Carol J. Batchelder, East Providence, RI