• Amanda J. Sisk

    Founder & Artist

    I believe in the dignity of every living creature. Sometimes the subjects and materials we may be tempted to fault or dismiss are the very ones to serve in transformative images capable of encouraging humanity: rats, wounds, and scavenged garbage join hummingbirds, the reflection of light, and the angelic in the studio. My work does […]

  • Culinary

    Art & Food

    Respect for the creative, loving acts of preparing and sharing meals as well as the presence of chefs have led to projects incorporating the culinary world, including portraits for the now closed Home Hill Inn (pictured), logo design for two artisan bakeries, the Ernie Royal Monument for the Rutland Sculpture Trail (carving underway in 2022), […]

  • Eco Arts

    Earth & Justice

    A number of the artworks for sale via Atelier Sisk benefit organizations with humanitarian and environmental missions. As we entered 2024, the Eco Arts Collective was formed. Please write for more information and/or with any interest in partnerships. Thank you. AMAZON WATCH ANNUNCIATION HOUSE HOPE CENTER HOUSTON (HCH) HOPE FOR JUSTICE LORD OF THE STREETS […]

  • Educational


    Sculpting and mentoring were unanticipated, simultaneous discoveries and have been inseparable since. An artist who maintains a sincere professionalism in both is rare, and it has been a gift to receive this education and to follow in its footsteps. Thank you. ATHENS SCULPTURE ATELIER CARVING STUDIO & SCULPTURE CENTER (CSSC) EUREKA SPRINGS SCHOOL OF THE […]

  • Group Exhibitions

    Collaboration & Inspiration

    A nomadic life path has resulted in global artistic connections. One way to continue honouring and nurturing these relationships has been to respond to requests for creative collaborations. Enjoy! 2024: WINGED VOICES

  • Literary

    Books & Libraries

    A lifetime of interactions with individuals following their vocations in the literary realms as well as with people who appreciate books has sometimes translated into collaborations such as artist books and literary magazines, cover art and other illustrations, exhibitions, and library partnerships. Here are recent connections under the name of Sisk. 

  • Musical

    Dancers & Musicians

    Piano. Flute. Cello. Little songs. The practice of music is no longer a focus (gratitude to the orchestra conductors who offered pencils and paper instead of private lessons) but collaborations with musicians, music appreciators, and partnerships in support of women in the musical arts have been welcome. AVA GALLERY & ART CENTER Dance with Trees and […]

  • Public Art

    Monuments & More

    While career intentions were not about creating public art, this is what has unfolded on the path. Projects that help to make our communities more inclusive and loving as well as honour individuals who have had a positive impact locally and worldwide have been the recipients of this collaborative service. CARVING STUDIO & SCULPTURE CENTER (CSSC) HISTORIC […]