MEDIA  My mural employment was in acrylics with various add-ons (texturizing paints, metal leaf, etc.). The murals were painted on canvas and then installed, and the reason for this was two-fold. If damage occurs, the work can be removed and repaired, and if the client moves, the work can be taken with. Recently, I have moved towards offering murals made with all-natural materials such as milk paint and other materials, buon fresco, and unique relief murals. Please write for samples.

COST  Prices for custom murals vary with size, material, complexity, and quantity.  A 1/3 initial deposit (non-refundable) is requested to begin work, 1/3 is due upon approval of the finished mural, and the final 1/3 due at the time the piece is shipped or delivered. Please write for a quote.

PROCEDURE  The initial meeting often involves discussion of the design and may entail a visit to the site of installation. Additional studio visits or correspondence provide opportunities for client feedback during the creation phase; once the canvas is stretched and primed, the painting begins. The work will be installed when final approval of the painting is secured.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?  The length of the process depends upon any backlog of projects as well as the scope and ambition of the work.  Sometimes a mural can be completed in a 7-10 days and sometimes it takes a few months.