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  • Royal Monument

    Concept sketch (detail).  The clay model is in-progress. The Rutland Herald WCAX

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  • 2021 Exhibitions

    Almond blossom: water and olive oil containers, plastic straw, wax from a candle stub, twig SACRED ENCOUNTERS AVA Gallery and Art Center Christine Hauck | Ellen Keene | Amanda J. Sisk | Heather Szczepiorkowski March 12th – April 16th Opening Event (Live Zoom): March 12th, 6:30 P.M. – REGISTER HERE Artist Talk (Live Zoom): March 20th, 4-5 […]

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  • 2021 Artist Talks

    AVA Gallery and Art Center – 20th March Carving Studio & Sculpture Center – 22nd April – Recorded Talk UWM at Waukesha Continuing Education – 7th May

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  • Paul Harris Monument

    The simplified plaster bust of Harris (on the left) was used to ‘point’ the marble carving by Evan Morse. Image courtesy of Evan Morse. Paul Harris Unveiling: 6th October 2020 Paul P. Harris founded Rotary International, a humanitarian organization that continues to help millions of people to thrive.  Colleague Evan Morse will be using the […]

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  • Metanoia

    Many months ago, a specific bozzetto was a quick, joyful note about the process of building trust from or in broken places: the beauty of waiting to understand another’s contribution, and the vulnerability experienced in making one’s own offerings. Although human trust-building is imperfect, I feel that it is a process greatly attended by the […]

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  • Julia Dorr Monument

    Julia is in-progress. Her portrait will be the ninth sculpture to join the Rutland Sculpture Trail (VT).     Design Revealed for Julia Dorr Sculpture Julia Dorr Sculpture Trail Press Release Rutland Sculpture Trail Rutland Herald Rutland Free Library OBVERSE: Fern, Harebell, Hemlock, Honeybee, Lichen, Monarch Butterfly, Wild Honeysuckle REVERSE: Actias luna, Bird’s nest, Chrysalis, […]

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  • Saint Francis of Assisi

    This image of a beloved saint and a personal hero might never have been undertaken but for a winter respite with my students, who have long modeled for me the loving-kindness of Francis. Exhibited at FACE 2020 Why hummingbirds? Some years ago, I was working in a Vermont greenhouse and nursery wherein a sweet colleague […]

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  • Nine Ladies Dancing

    On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… ORNAMENT GIVEAWAY A portion of every ornament sale will benefit Rotary International’s Disaster Relief Fund A peek inside of the initial two-piece plaster mould.

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  • One

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