Amanda J. Sisk

Founder & Artist

I believe in the dignity of every living creature. Sometimes the subjects and materials we may be tempted to fault or dismiss are the very ones to serve in transformative images capable of encouraging humanity: rats, wounds, and scavenged garbage join hummingbirds, the reflection of light, and the angelic in the studio. My work does not strive to deny that challenges exist in our world. Guided by a relationship with God, it seeks to raise awareness of humanitarian and environmental issues via the visual embrace of all encountered along my path.

Amanda J. Sisk has worked as an award-winning artist and educator for over two decades and is the creator of the artworks at ATELIER SISK. She studied within the United States and Europe and served two seasons as Sculptor-in-Residence at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. In 2013, her work was awarded the National Sculpture Society’s Dexter Jones Award for bas-relief sculpture. She is a 2015 recipient of The Gibbons Prize for New England Sculptors, and in 2016, she served as the first Artist-in-Residence at the historic Governor John Langdon House (Portsmouth, NH). Amanda has most recently completed a sculpture for Padre Island National Seashore (TX) and four collaborative monuments for the city of Rutland, VT. Portraiture continues to be a focus while she is increasingly interested in using all-natural and repurposed materials in contemplative works. She travels to where she receives the call to work.